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RAF war vet finally gets recognition

Philip Lamb receives his RAF badges just before Christmas delivered by Cpl Carol Everson .

It’s taken 65 years, but former Royal Air Force serviceman Philip Lamb can finally feel he’s got the recognition he deserves for his heroic efforts during the Second World War.Mr Lamb who has suffered chronic health problems most of his life after surviving a German raid on his barracks in England was presented with an RAF medal, beret and tie as a surprise Christmas present.It came after RAF officers visited Bermuda on Remembrance Day and learned that, despite bearing scars as a constant reminder of his service, the 88-year-old still hadn’t got the RAF insignia to show for it.The RAF obliged and allowed Bermuda Regiment Corporal Carol Everson, who has campaigned on behalf of veterans and their families, to make the delivery yesterday.Ms Everson handed over the items to an emotional Mr Lamb as she dropped off groceries as part of a charity run.“He was very, very overjoyed with them. It was a big surprise for him,” Ms Everson told The Royal Gazette. “He was quite overcome with his presents at one particular moment.”Mr Lamb, an air craftsman from St David’s, was one of the few black Bermudian officers to serve in the war, spending the first period on the Island with the Bermuda Militia Artillery, before volunteering for the RAF and arriving in England in 1944.In March 1945, in one of the last raids the Germans made on England, he received leg injuries when bombs hit the exit of a building he was inside.Ms Everson said yesterday: “He has had severe pain with back and leg injuries ever since. For the last 65 years he had no recognition, but when the RAF officers visited on Remembrance Day they spoke to Mr Lamb and were concerned.“They saw that he was able to finally get the RAF insignia after all these years.”Mr Lamb was one of a host of war veterans and widows to benefit from yesterday’s Santa Claus run by Ms Everson’s team.They used cash from Poppy Day collections to buy groceries from Supermart on Front Street to deliver to veterans’ and widows’ homes.Ms Everson thanked Supermart for making up the baskets free of charge.