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Missing Bermuda sailors named

File photo from 2004 of missing sailor Kwesi Hollis

Two sailors missing at sea were named yesterday, 11 days after they were last seen.The sailors, 41-year-old Carlos Rogers and 36-year-old Kwesi Hollis, set sail from the Dominican Republic on December 1.According to the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre, they were last seen on December 18. At that time, they were reportedly running low on food and water.“UK-registered sailing vessel Carefree IV, with two Bermudian citizens onboard, was last sighted approximately 210nm south-southwest of Bermuda on December 18 when they alerted a passing merchant vessel to their plight for food and water,” a spokesman said.“After replenishment of supplies, the crew indicated they were bound for Bermuda, arriving possibly on December 23.”The 31ft yacht and its crew have not been seen since.In the days following the last sighting of the sailboat, the weather around the Island worsened, with winds reaching 20 to 30 knots and gusts of up to 50 knots.The US Coast Guard searched the area east and southeast of the Island, but they called off the search last Friday.The Royal Gazette understands that one of the two sailors was a novice, while the other did not have extensive experience.An experienced sailor said yesterday that due to the weather conditions, it is extremely difficult to sail from the Caribbean to Bermuda at this time of year.“You would have to have very good information about the weather forecast and be able to interpret it,” he said. “Knowing when to leave this time of year is very important because the weather windows are few and far between.“You need an experienced captain and crew, because there is a good chance that you will be caught in some bad weather.“You also need a very sound and safe boat with all up to date safety equipment, especially life raft and EPIRB.”