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Updated website has new features

Today we are delighted to be able to bring our readers a host of updates and improvements to our website,

www.royalgazette.com. We’ve moved a few things around, brought some content back, added more content and made things a bit clearer — and we hope that you like it all. Perhaps the most noticeable change will be the replacement of breaking news with ‘new’ and ‘updated’ icons — every time a new story is posted it will say ‘new’. Every time a story is updated with more information it will say ... ‘updated’. We’ve moved our photo galleries — which have thousands of pictures from events and life around the Island — to the bottom of the home page where they have been teamed up with our best kept secret: scores of videos collated together in our video gallery. There are two other key changes. The first is the addition of ‘Kiosk’ to our navigation bar which takes you through to our new-look e-edition — an exact replica of

The Royal Gazette, which we are initially offering for free — as well as many other publications which we post online. The second is our new calendar which, for the first time, combines

The Royal Gazette calendar with Nothing To Do In Bermuda, so it really is your one-stop what’s on guide. Last, but certainly not least, we have changed our comments page. We have listened to our readers and we are now calling it Opinion and have made sure that all our regular Opinion writers — as well as our guest writers — are easy to find. Acting Editor Jeremy Deacon said: “Our team has worked hard on the changes which we believe will add more content to our website, whether that be more news stories or more events and videos. Even though we have dropped the breaking news slot, the addition of the ‘new’ icon will clearly signpost which stories are new. “I am sure that our readers will appreciate the changes, but I would always ask for feedback. You can e-mail me at

jdeacon@royalgazette.com or send me a message through Twitter by following