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Bermuda Islander makes a second sea rescue

Rescue: Bermuda Islander went to the aid of a yacht 40 miles from Bermuda

The crew of the Bermuda Islander have come to the rescue again for the second time in two weeks.

Just before Hurricane Gonzalo struck, the crew diverted to help a stricken yacht that had lost power and provided crucial assistance in helping to pluck the sailors to safety.

Just last week, they were in action again in coming to the aid of an injured yacht skipper en route to Bermuda.

In treacherous seas, two Islander crew boarded the container ship’s Man Overboard Boat to take medication, supplies and maps to the two-strong crew of Adesso.

The Bermuda Islander had left Hamilton early last Friday to avoid incoming bad weather, but changed course to come to the aid of the Adesso crew about 40 miles off Bermuda.

Joe Simas, vice-president of marine operations for Meyer Agencies, told The Royal Gazette: “This again shows the length our crew go to save life and limb out at sea. They go above and beyond the call of duty.

“This latest diversion, where they ferried supplies to the yacht, shows the lengths to which they will go to help other seafarers.

“The crew dropped off medicines and 60 litres of fuel to the sailboat, along with coordinates for Bermuda, as sailboat had no charts for Bermuda onboard.

“This was all done in extremely bad weather conditions and high seas.”

On Saturday night, the Adesso was guided into St George’s Harbour by the Spirit of Bermuda.

The Islander was able to make up the time she lost during the rescue operation and will be back in Bermuda tomorrow.