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Local band a big hit on LA radio

Sonique Sanctuary's Nick Wadson, Oliver "Ace" Cepeda and Tracey Lynne Harney

Local prog-rock band Sonique Sanctuary has featured on an LA-based online radio station, with the Island enjoying some unexpected promotion as a result.

The station, MuseBoat, plays songs from bands worldwide each week, with one act’s country of origin also highlighted.

After Sonique Sanctuary’s track Anomaly was played to thousands of listeners, show host TJ gave a five-minute rundown of Bermuda’s natural beauty, fascinating history and some of the Island’s quirkier laws.

“I wasn’t expecting it at all because there were a bunch of bands from all over the world on the show,” said lead singer Tracey Lynne Harney.

“Then the host started talking about Bermuda.

“She mentioned stuff I didn’t even know, like swearing [offensive words] being illegal.

“She talked about our whole history, how we were founded and why it is called the Devil’s Isle. She mentioned the unique laws and how pristine it is here.

“She must have done some research: she really made us look good and helped put us on the map.”

Host TJ said she enjoyed Sonique Sanctuary because the band “broke the mould and decided to be more progressive”.

“They put their heart and soul into their music,” she added. “What’s not to like?” TJ told The Royal Gazette she would now like to visit the Island.

“When I saw we had a [band] from Bermuda, I thought it would be a great time to research the Island,” TJ said.

“I have never been to Bermuda but, after researching, I would love to visit. The Island is looking out over the reefs and a peek at the rich and famous sounds so enticing.”

Sonique Sanctuary’s Anomaly is the first song on their debut album, and was featured on TJ’s show on MuseBoat last Sunday.