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Christmas beach goers urged to clear trash

Hundreds of residents and visitors go to Elbow Beach on Christmas Day

Visiting Elbow Beach on Christmas Day is traditional — more than 1,000 people showed up last year — and the public is urged to help keep it clean over the holidays.

Residents have a reputation for cleanliness, said Anne Hyde, executive director of Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB), but the group hopes this year’s gathering will leave no traces.

“The Christmas Day crowd is very considerate,” Ms Hyde said. “They use the waste bins, recycle their champagne bottles and when the bins are full they carefully stack their trash next to the bins. This year we are reminding attendees to use the waste bins, or even better, bring their trash off the beach and dispose of it at home. There are no event organisers or cleaners, but with everyone’s help, this can become a ‘no trace’ event.

KBB runs a Boxing Day clean-up from 10am to 12pm.