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Radio DJ in unfair dismissal claim

A local radio personality has claimed that he has been unfairly dismissed.

Earl “B. Roc” Basden said that he was told 30 minutes before his Irie 98.3FM radio broadcast ended on Thursday that he would not be back on the air after his Friday show finished.

But he said he was then not permitted back on-air at all, despite having posted an announcement on Facebook to his fans asking them to tune in one last time.

Mr Basden, who has hosted the 3pm to 7pm slot on Irie for the past four years, said he had a contract with the station, but was told out of the blue that they were unable to keep him on the payroll because of financial restraints.

“I feel I have been dealt with unjustly, especially in terms of termination — I was given no notice,” Mr Basden said. “My dedication to this station has been phenomenal and it hurts that they didn’t have the decency to let me know.”

Mr Basden said he got the radio station back up and running after Hurricane Gonzalo hit the Island in October, even climbing on to the roof to fix the antenna.

He added that despite his dedication and hard work, his creativity and passion had been underestimated and overlooked.

When contacted by The Royal Gazette, Irie 98.3FM owner Ben Fairn declined to comment.