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Runner’s gift for crews

Show of support: Ronnie Wong, centre, with Justin Williams, chairman of St John Ambulance Brigade, third right, EMTs and other volunteers

Renowned long-distance runner Ronnie Wong has donated funds to St John Ambulance Brigade.

The 68-year-old athlete is a regular competitor in the Island’s Race Weekend, and collected sponsorship for this year’s event.

Mr Wong has been impressed by St John crews at races, so was keen to show his support.

A special handover ceremony was held at their headquarters on Point Finger Road.

Justin Williams, chairman of St John Ambulance Brigade, said: “We are grateful to world renowned runner Ronnie Wong for proposing that he accept donations for St John Ambulance based on his participation and performance.

“All of St John EMTs and ambulance crews are volunteers. We are proud of their personal civic commitment and sacrifice of their time to ensure the safety of the participants in the event and the public at large. It is good to see the Brigade’s service recognised by this spontaneous gesture by Mr Wong and his organising committee.”

Mr Williams said donations were still coming in.

“We wished to recognise Mr Wong for his kind efforts before he leaves the Island,” he said.