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Weather radar still under repair

The Doppler radar: Still out of service

Technicians are continuing to work on fixing the weather radar, but it remains uncertain when the system will be back up and running again.

The Doppler radar, which provides a moving graphic of rain and storms as they approach Bermuda, has been down since February 19 this year.

Jamie Sapsford, general manager of aviation and corporate assurance for BAS Serco, said the fault had been identified, but talks with the German vendor to rectify the problem were still ongoing.

He told The Royal Gazette that a timeline for reinstating the radar had not been set, but everything was being done to make it happen as soon as possible.

“The radar system is a decade old now and we are working to make sure it is running for the next ten years,” he said.

“We have been troubleshooting for a number of weeks now and isolated the part that needs replacing. It is the actual movement of the antenna and the system that controls the movement of it that needs to be fixed.

“We are working with the vendors who are based in Germany and looking at upgrading that part of the system.”

The Doppler radar provides the Bermuda Weather Service with an additional tool that helps with forecasts, but it is also very popular with the public.

“We hope we will have the radar back up soon,” he said.

“We appreciate the public are missing it and we are missing it at the airport too. It allows us to be even more accurate and enhances what we do.

“Spare parts can be quite a challenge with equipment such as this, especially as we will have to bring them in from Europe.

“Furthermore, these parts can be extremely expensive and they are obviously not the kind of machinery we keep on the shelf.”