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Family Centre to host fathers group

Family Centre is inviting fathers to attend a three-week parenting group aimed at helping them build better relationships with their children, the charity announced today.

“This group will provide a space for fathers to learn how to build better relationships with their children and discussion of the impact that they have on their children as male figures in their lives,” the charity’s director of services, Sandy DeSilva, said. “Every child is 50 per cent their mother and 50 per cent their father, and thus needs positive and teaching input from both to feel whole.

“This group can provide a place for fathers to share their positive parenting experiences with one another and learn new parenting skills.”

Dr DeSilva explained that the group is targeting fathers because they often see mothers attending groups with their children and the fathers do not attend for a variety of reasons.

“We want all dads to attend this positive parenting group because fathers matter and they have a voice that needs to be heard and strengthened in our community,” she said.

Dr DeSilva added that there is often much attention placed on the mother’s parenting, however, the father’s role is as equally important as the mother’s role.

Family Centre’s executive director, Martha Dismont, added: “We are doing what we can to provide offerings that can meet the needs of parents in our community, today.

“Parents are struggling more now than ever before, and we believe this parenting group aimed at fathers is essential support to fathers and gives them a place to strengthen who they are as parents.”

Ms Dismont added that today, more than ever, all parents need to be active and positive participants in their children’s lives.

Dr DeSilva added that the group is for all fathers, single fathers, married fathers, stepfathers, and/or men who mentor children as Big Brothers.

The first group will start on Monday and will be held at Charities House on Point Finger Road, Paget, from 6pm to 7.15pm. The group is free to attend and a light dinner will be provided.

Fathers are encouraged to bring their primary-aged sons and daughters, who will be engaged in fun activities with staff.

Interested parents should contact Darien Douglas at 232-1116 to sign up for the group.