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Details revealed for 2015 Bermuda Tattoo

About 400 people are set to perform at the Bermuda Tattoo 2015, being held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Bermuda Regiment.

According to Major Dwight Robinson, the Regiment’s director of music, the October event will feature guest groups from the United States, the United Kingdom, Jamaica and Canada.

“With artillery guns, fireworks and military pageantry, we will showcase the best of Bermuda and its colourful and unique military history,” he said.

“Bermuda will be represented by the band and choral drums of the Bermuda Regiment, the Bermuda Island’s Pipe Band and Somerset Brigade Band. The Bermuda Tattoo Choir — a specially assembled voice choir — will make its debut as well.

“We welcome any vocal talents who may be interested in this effort.

“From overseas will be international groups selected not only for their musical and performance talents, but also because some have very well established relationships with Bermuda and the Bermuda Regiment.”

Overseas groups taking part in the event include:

• 19 Regiment Royal Artillery Pipes and Drums

• The Waterloo Band of The Rifles

• The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland Pipes and Drums

• The Band and Corps of Drums of the Royal Logistic Corps

• The United States Marine Corps 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Band

• The Regimental Band of the Governor General’s Foot Guards

• The Pipes and Drums of The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa

• Toronto Police Pipe Band

• 36 Halifax Pipes and Drums

• The Bands of the Jamaica Defence Force.

Former Regiment Major Stephen Caton, the chairman of the BR50 Anniversary Committee, said the event will be the highlight of the anniversary celebrations that have taken place throughout the year.

“Both the international and local participants in the Bermuda Tattoo underscore the theme of the BR50 celebrations — Reunion,” he said.

“To be certain, this year’s show will be without equal and will present the most diverse group of participants on the same ticket. You will be delighted, awed and inspired.

“I am confident that the Tattoo and the remaining BR50 events celebrating the Regiment, will strengthen the already deep-rooted affection that the Regiment enjoys Island-wide and internationally.”

Governor George Fergusson, whose father served with the Black Watch, praised the committee for the success of the earlier anniversary events, such as the Reunion concert, the Queen’s Birthday Parade and an exhibition of military art at the National Gallery.

“All this has come at a time when the Regiment’s standing in the community seems to me to be very high,” he said. “Its very visible work following the two back-to-back hurricanes last year have no doubt contributed to that, but it is also shown in the impressive increase in volunteer recruitment to the Regiment and the much higher numbers of people choosing to stay on after their initial engagement.

“That provides an excellent backdrop for a programme of celebrations. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the BR50 Committee and the Regiment for organising and supporting the events thus far.

“I look forward to the remaining events, particularly the Bermuda Tattoo which will take place in October at the Royal Naval Dockyard.

“[Government House] was specially aligned to enable the Governor to keep an eye on what people were getting up to over at the Dockyard. I assure you that, come October, it will be well worthwhile going there to see the Tattoo up close.”

Regiment CO Lieutenant Colonel Michael Foster- Brown, on secondment from The Rifles, added that there had been around 11,000 personal numbers issued in the Regiment’s 50-year history, so the pool of supporters was wide.

He said: “We hope to see as many former members of the Regiment and its predecessor regiments as are able to come.

“We also hope to see the very many wider supporters of the Regiment too, to view a show that was last performed in 2009.”

Col Foster-Brown said other golden anniversary events, like the Trooping of the Colours at the National Stadium, a major exhibition at Masterworks art gallery and the Freedom of St George ceremony, had gone well.

He added: “The tattoo will be a very fitting culmination.”

The event will take place at the Keep Yard in Dockyard on October 22, 23 and 24.

Tickets are available for purchase at bdatix.bm, Pulp and Circumstance and Fabulous Fashions.