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British Airways flight delay

Tonight’s British Airways flight from Bermuda to London has been delayed, according to the airline’s website.

Flight BA2232, due to leave Bermuda at 8.15pm, is now listed for departure at 9.10pm.

It is expected to arrive in Gatwick, London, at 7.21am — half an hour after its scheduled arrival time of 6.50am.

Flight BA2233, from London to Bermuda, is expected to arrive at 7.25pm — 55 minutes later than scheduled.

Yesterday’s British Airways flights were also delayed.

The flight from Gatwick did not arrive until 8.02pm, and the return flight departed at 9.37pm — more than an hour later than its scheduled departure time.

A spokeswoman for British Airways said: “British Airways is sorry about the slight delay on departure from Gatwick today.

“At the present time there are strong winds over the Atlantic which is also a factor in delaying the flight time.

“The flight from London is expected to land in Bermuda this evening at 7.25pm.”