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Lecture series on Bermuda’s rich history

Walton Brown

Historian Walton Brown is launching a series of six lectures designed to improve local knowledge of Bermuda history right up to the modern day.

Mr Brown, the Progressive Labour Party MP, launched “Understanding Modern Bermuda” after the popularity of his previous lectures.

Subjects to be covered are Settler Colony to Emancipation; The Struggle for Trade Unionism and Racial Desegregation; Universal Suffrage, Party Politics and Nascent Nationalism; From Tourism to International Business; Race, Ideology and Party Politics; and Bermuda, the UK and Self-Determination.

Mr Brown, Shadow Minister for Immigration, told The Royal Gazette: “Many people express the view that they need to better understand the critical issues shaping Bermuda. Moreover, too large a group make statements regarding our history and development not rooted in fact.

“The idea began with a four-part lecture series open to the public and free of charge, thanks to the generosity of the Bermuda Industrial Union. More than 120 people attended each of these lectures so I knew there was a thirst for more.

“Last year I did a 14-week lecture/seminar which went very well. This new course is condensed to six weeks. The topics have been chosen since they either profoundly shape Bermuda today — whether we are aware of this or not — or there are recurring themes that punctuate our discourse and determine our actions.

“Young people are going through both private and public education here with virtually no founding in there own history or grasp of the main drivers of Bermuda today. This is a challenge. My course can help fill this lacuna and I hope more than a few educators will sign up.”

Mr Brown has a degree in political studies from Queen’s University and a MA degree in political science from York University. He was a politics lecturer at York University and taught politics and history at Bermuda College.

The course begins on Tuesday, September 15, and takes place every following Tuesday at Chewstick, 81 Front Street, from 6pm.

To register, e-mail info@researchmix.com