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Sandys Boat Club assists stranded vessel

Mangrove Bay (File photograph)

A vessel that was left stranded in Mangrove Bay yesterday after its propeller got entangled in the anchor line was freed with the “kind assistance” of a Sandys Boat Club member.

The Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre (BMOC) said that at about 6.34pm, the owner of the 35-foot Tiara Maxime called requesting assistance after the vessel became disabled.

There were five people on board but no one was equipped with a knife to cut the line free of the propeller.

The BMOC added that the duty officer sent out an all-vessels request for assistance and also contacted Sandys Boat Club, where a member volunteered to assist.

“Through the kind assistance of the Sandys Boat Club individual”, the snagged anchor line was cut free and the vessel was towed back to its mooring, the BMOC explained on its website.

In a separate incident on Saturday, Marine Police and members of the Spanish Point Boat Club assisted a vessel that had run aground in Cobbler’s Cut.

A BMOC spokesman said that at about 8.50pm he received a 911 call from a member of the public, who said his vessel Snapper III was stranded with 14 people on board.

Marine Police and members of the boat club assisted in bringing 12 people back to shore, with two people staying behind overnight.

Although they “managed to back the boat off the reefs with minimal damage”, according to the spokesman, Marine Police had to be dispatched again on Sunday morning to tow the vessel back to its mooring after the steering failed.