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Rallying support for Haiti

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Photograph by Eric G Bean

Bermudian Phil Rego made a surprise appearance at a fundraising event that will raise money for the building of a farm at his orphanage in Haiti.

The founder of the Feed My Lambs Ministry in Haiti rallied support and volunteers at the event held at Wadson’s Farm on Saturday night. The project to build a farm was initiated by Bermudian John Singleton who is actively seeking volunteers. The building of the farm will be done under the expert instruction of local farmer Tom Wadson.

Mr Rego addressed the audience to say: “The question at the table tonight is what does it take to make it happen in Haiti? ... This is thing, this is bigger than one person — it is a network of people that make this thing happen. Nothing happened overnight in Haiti. We started off with a banana patch with nothing and now we have an orphanage, we have a school, we have a clinic that we run daily and we offer free care there for three to four hundred people a month. Going to Haiti is life-changing. If you sign up, you are going to get an experience of a lifetime.”

It is hoped that the farm will produce enough food for the 55 children at the orphanage and the 700 children at the school. As the farm expands it is hoped it will become self sustaining and that it may eventually provide an income revenue as excess goods are sold to the larger community.

To become a volunteer or to make a donation call 333-0870. Donations are also being taken via the Feed My Lambs Ministry website — http://feedmylambsministry.org/. State that the funds are for the “Farm project in Haiti”.

Photograph by Eric G Bean
Photograph by Eric G Bean
Photograph by Eric G Bean