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Ceremony planned for new canon

The Anglican Cathedral is to resound with praises this Sunday as Major the Reverend David Raths becomes the newest canon in the Anglican Church of Bermuda.

Rev Raths was commended for building on the church’s pastoral services around the three Anglican churches of St George’s for the better part of ten years, as well as initiatives such as helping to revive the Friends of St Peter’s.

Declaring himself delighted at the opportunity, Bishop Nick Dill added: “David has worked tirelessly for the benefit of the people of St George’s parish, to put the church on the map and to provide a renewed sense of pride in the strong spiritual and historical heritage of our ancient town.”

Rev Raths also oversaw the renovation and subsequent renaming of the Church as “Their Majesties’ Chappell” in 2012, Bishop Dill noted.

He will continue to minister in St George’s parish until his retirement.

Sunday’s ceremony, which will see Rev Raths acquire the unusual title of Major The Reverend Canon, begins at 4pm.