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Horseshoe Bay plans given go-ahead

The road leading down to Horseshoe Bay

A plan to upgrade the Horseshoe Bay parking area to allow better access for buses and pedestrians has been given planning approval.

The Development Applications Board (DAB) recently approved a planning application submitted by the Bermuda Tourism Authority to improve access to the beach and address safety concerns.

According to the planning application, buses are not able to reach the lower parking level, leaving passengers to walk up the steep hill to and from the beach.

The proposal included modifying the entrance road to allow buses, installing a slightly-raised pedestrian boardwalk on the southern side of the road, a shaded pavilion for those waiting for buses and improved drainage.

In total, the renovated parking area will have more car, motorcycle and handicapped spaces and introduce four parking spaces for buses, however the number of taxi and minibus spaces will drop. While the parking area has nine taxi spaces and ten minibus spaces, the renovated parking area would have seven taxi spots and six minibus spaces.

Documents in the application suggested that the project could be ready for public tender as soon as this month, with work being beginning in October and continuing until April 2016.

According to the minutes of the September 2 meeting of the DAB, the board questioned if the buses intended to access the parking area were Public Transportation Buses, and if the trip would be a part of their regular route. The technical officer said the buses were specific buses travelling between the beach and the Dockyard cruise ship terminal.

The officer also confirmed that the shade structure shown on planning documents was canvas roofed, saying that such structures are often used at shore side location because the canvas can be removed in the event of a storm.

The DAB agreed with the techincal officer’s recommendations and granted the application final planning approval.