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Parents learn skills at Mirrors workshop

Jeanene Todd, committed partner manager at Mirrors

A strong relationship between parent and child will produce a stronger community, says Mirrors manager Jeanene Todd.

More than 20 parents are taking part in a free workshop hosted by the Mirrors programme this weekend, which aims to guide adults in being more effective with young people.

Ms Todd, committed partner manager at Mirrors, said the course is designed to give parents a new perspective on parenting.

“I think as parents we have a paradigm on how we parent based on our past and our own childhood, but as we have children times change,” she told The Royal Gazette today.

The 2½ day course aims to “equip your toolbox as a parent”.

She said: “The format’s really about engaging conversation. A lot of people think we’re going to tell them how to be a parent. No. We’re not telling you how to do it because each child is different.”

Rather, she said, it is an opportunity for discovery.

“Looking at myself, how do I better myself as a parent? Who am I being as a parent and how does that impact the young person?” she asked.

“Parent-child relations are so important in a child’s life. That bond is so important. You want to continue to strengthen that relationship throughout this process because as we strengthen the relationship between parent and child, we strengthen our community. It’s 19 hours of personal development.”

Children within the Mirrors programme can elect their parents to participate, but it is also open to the public.

And not just parents, but grandparents, aunts, uncles, she added. “You’re still raising children inside of the community.”

Ms Todd said: “Mirrors is the opportunity for personal development. Whether you are a young person, a parent or a professional, you can continue to grow and move forward through coaching and find possibilities that you didn’t see before.”