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TV icon Reg Grundy dies

Media mogul: Reg Grundy died at his home in Bermuda at the age of 92

Photographer and TV icon Reg Grundy has died at the age of 92 on his Bermuda estate.

He was surrounded by members of his family and died in the arms of his wife, Joy Chambers-Grundy.

The Australian media mogul, whose TV credits included the globally successful soap opera Neighbours, Prisoner: Cell Block H and Wheel Of Fortune, moved to Bermuda in 1982 with his wife.

Locally he is renowned for his photographs of the island’s longtail, which adorned the walls of L.F. Wade International Airport and the Commissioner’s House in Dockyard.

He highlighted his passion for the bird in his most recent book Mother and Child, writing: “I do have a favourite bird, the glorious longtail of Bermuda, which I have been photographing consistently for 30 years.

“It is a magical miracle of flight, sweeping majestically in the sky with its pristine white body and its long tail of black and white feathers gliding behind.

“Joy says that if I come back to Earth I’ll be a longtail. I wouldn’t mind that a bit.”

Mr Grundy, OBE, PhD, has published several photography books, including Bermuda Longtail, which was distributed to all of Bermuda’s schools.

He created the largest independent television company in the world, Grundy Worldwide, and was known for his introduction of TV series Neighbours in the mid-1980s, which gave birth to the career of Kylie Minogue.

He has won numerous awards including the International Emmy for accomplishments by an individual whose work is recognised throughout the world.