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British visitor dies after snorkelling

Beach tragedy: an ambulance takes the unconscious man to hospital (Photograph by Adam Zacharias)

A 65-year-old holidaymaker was declared dead yesterday afternoon after washing up unconscious on Elbow Beach.

Beachgoers spotted the man at approximately 4.20pm, 250 metres east of the entrance steps to the beach, and immediately began performing CPR on him.

An ambulance arrived shortly after, at which point medics attempted a further ten minutes of resuscitation, before taking him to hospital.

The man, who had been snorkelling, is believed to be from Liverpool, England. He had been on the island for roughly two weeks with his wife visiting his son, who moved to Bermuda four months ago and works in law.

An onlooker said: “It was pretty shocking and there’s a sombre mood now.

“This was a perfect beach day — there was music playing and people were partying — but it has turned into a day of disaster.”

According to police spokesman Dwayne Caines, first responders attended at 4.25pm.

“It appears that a 65-year-old visitor from the UK was snorkelling in the water when he got into difficulty and became unconscious.

“He washed up on shore. Members of the public commenced CPR until the ambulance came and he was rushed to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

“No further information will be available until next of kin is notified.”

The victim was in the company of his wife at the time of the incident.