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Age Concern pays tribute to Lady Swan

Lady Swan

Age Concern have added their name to a long list of tributes voiced since the death of Lady Swan.

The wife of former premier Sir John Swan was one of the founding members of Age Concern in 1978, when the organisation was solely a voluntary society.

She had been a patron of the charity since 2004.

“During her tenure as a member of the Board of Directors of Age Concern, which spanned over two decades, she supported the introduction of the Annual Premier’s tea, the geriatric training programme at the Bermuda College and many other community initiatives for seniors,” noted an Age Concern statement. “During her earlier years of service with the organisation, in addition to being the wife of the Premier, she was a quiet ambassador for seniors and made both official and non-official visits to the island’s rest homes on a frequent basis.”

Age Concern chairperson Erwin Adderley stated: “I had the pleasure of knowing Lady Swan. She was a poised and dignified lady of grace. I first met her when I returned to Bermuda as Director of Planning in 1972.

“Although I joined the Age Concern Board nearly a decade after she retired from it, I found a well-run organisation with a tremendous legacy of credibility in serving the island’s seniors. It does not surprise me therefore that Lady Swan was instrumental in its beginnings.”

Executive Director of Age Concern Claudette Fleming added: “I had heard a lot about Lady Swan but I did not have the privilege of meeting her until I was interviewed by the Board of Age Concern in the year 2000. Then I got to know her really well.

“She and previous chairperson Joy Leman, introduced me to donors and supporters to help the organisation to grow. She had a tremendous amount of wisdom in balancing philanthropy and politics. In fact, when the Government changed in 1998, Lady Swan and her fellow directors were instrumental in setting a new course for Age Concern, ensuring the organisation would be available to seniors well past their tenures as directors. Such wisdom was insightful and visionary. She will be sadly missed.”