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Protesters gather at airport

Protesters seen outside the L.F. Wade airport this morning

A group of about 15 protesters gathered outside the L.F. Wade International Airport this morning to protest against the airport development, immigration and new legislation permitting rental cars on the island.

The protest was organised by Move — a group of concerned citizens.

Chairman of the group, Willie Ferguson, was handing out leaflets and issued an official statement outlining their cause.

It said: “We say shame on OBA for rewarding the people of this island with extreme poor leadership which has dashed their hopes, their dreams and aspirations for a better quality of life.”

Among the issues raised are education, immigration, institutional racism, the airport, employment, seniors’ quality of life and the Motor Car Amendment Act.

The statement continued: “We find this island being led as if by drunken sailors with no moral compass.

“We are betrayed by stealth legislation, brought forward, so that kith and kin will benefit at the expense of hardworking Bermudians. We are referring to the Motor Car Amendment Act of 2016 which is a slap in the face of every taxi driver, the cycle livery businesses, buses, ferries and even gas stations island-wide with the introduction of electric rentals.

“We hold our breath as we watch Premier Michael Dunkley speak about job creation and yet have no control over his Cabinet ministers as they carry out their own agendas. Shame on you for promising us hope when the OBA’s own betrayals continue to cause despair among residents all over this island. The people of Bermuda are deserving of superb and equitable service.

“These have been the shortcomings of the OBA since taking office in December 17, 2012. Therefore, you have failed the leadership test miserably. We shall remember this at the 2017 election poll.”

Promotional literature being distributed to passer-bys is titled For Lease: By the Bermuda Government to the Canadian Commercial Corporation Company” under a picture of the airport.