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Road safety message before Cup Match

Erica Rance Mill, chairwoman of the Bermuda Road Safety Council (File photograph)

Bermuda Hospitals Board and the Bermuda Road Safety Council have put out a road safety message ahead of the Cup Match holiday.

They revealed 837 people have been taken to the hospital’s emergency department after road accidents up to July 12 this year. In addition to the seven people who have been killed on Bermuda’s roads, 82 had to be admitted to the Acute Care Wing and 16 to the Intensive Care Unit.

Road safety chairwoman Erica Rance Mills stated: “We urge the public not to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Please remember you are also at risk of causing an accident if you are tired or distracted.”

BHB chief operating officer Scott Pearman said: “We would like everyone to have a festive but safe holiday.

“Observing the rules of the road and driving with focused attention on the road will go a long way to keeping you and everyone around you safe and out of the Emergency Department.”