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Drug trial: Brown gave different addresses

A man charged with importing cocaine allegedly told police he owned a bag similar to one found to contain the controlled drug.

And when questioned by police about his address in Jamaica, he gave two slightly different addresses in different interviews.

Tyrone Brown, a Jamaican national, has denied charges of importing 894.6 grams of cocaine worth more than $90,000 on to the island on April 18 this year.

Earlier in the trial, the court heard that he had arrived in Bermuda on April 17, appearing nervous, but his checked suitcase did not arrive until the following day.

While nothing of interest was found on Mr Brown when he arrived, a search of his suitcase revealed two packages of cocaine stashed in a black bag.

As the trial continued, Detective Constable Khalid Pitcher took the stand, saying that on April 18 he attended the L.F. Wade International Airport and was directed to a green suitcase by customs officer.

Inside the suitcase, he noticed a quantity of clothing along with a black, single-strapped leather bag.

The customs officers then made him aware of a suspicious package inside.

Looking at the bag, he noticed that a section appeared to be split open near the stitching.

“As I looked in the stitching I saw what appeared to be a rectangular package,” he said. “It was about 10in by 6in and wrapped in black tape.”

He said he later made an incision in the package and found it contained a white powdery substance.

DC Pitcher continued to search the bag and felt what appeared to be another rectangular object near a back pocket, which was later confirmed to be a similarly wrapped package.

The bag also contained a toothbrush, hair brush, deodorant and several bottles of cologne.

The following day, Detective Constable Pitcher said he and other officers attended the Clear View holiday suites in Hamilton Parish, where Mr Brown was staying.

He told the court that when questioned at the hotel, Mr Brown said he had come to the island from Jamaica to “relax and chill my mind on the beach”. He also confirmed to officers that a phone found in the room was his, explaining that he had purchased it while on the island.

Asked if he had a black leather bag in his suitcase, he allegedly responded: “Yes. I have had it for about one year. I keep my perfume and toothbrush in it.”

Detective Constable Pitcher said he was also present during two police interviews with Mr Brown. He said that in both interviews Mr Brown was asked his address.

While in both interviews Mr Brown said he lived on West Road in Kingston, he gave slightly different house numbers in each interview.

The trial is set to continue next week.

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