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Customers hit by issues with Logic internet

Customers using Logic Communications complained of a difficult weekend as the former Northrock e-mail system crashed.

According to Logic’s Facebook site, problems also hit the domain name system, which affected internet navigation.

The DNS server was restored yesterday morning as engineers continued to work on restoring full e-mail access.

John Tartaglia, the CEO of MM & I Technology Group, said his company had lost e-mail and webmail on Saturday.

“Companies such as mine rely on e-mail services for our business, and to support clients 24/7 across the world,” he said.

“Although it might be a public holiday in Bermuda and the United States, we still support US and local clients outside of business hours.

“And it is not a holiday in Europe and other parts of the world — they are open for business.”

Another customer who contacted this newspaper felt the situation had worsened as “the controlling company has now bought CellOne”.

“All of our communication on island is slowly heading into the hands of one company. No competition, no need to make their service worthwhile. A monopoly is not what we need in Bermuda.”

KeyTech and CellOne joined forces in May.

The company was unable to provide technical details for the outage, but kept customers updated via its Facebook page.