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BTA honours loyal Bermuda visitors

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Carol and George Teasdale receive a plaque celebrating 50 years since their first visit to Bermuda on their honeymoon (Photograph supplied)

A New York couple have been awarded a plaque commemorating their first of many trips to Bermuda 50 years ago.

Carol and George Teasdale visited the island on their honeymoon in 1966, and they returned this week aboard the Anthem of the Seas cruise ship for their 14th holiday here.

The Teasdales were last in Bermuda in June with their children to celebrate George’s 72nd birthday, where they stayed at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort.

After presenting the Teasdales with their plaque, Pat Phillip-Fairn from the Bermuda Tourism Authority said: “We will always have a special place in our hearts for repeat visitors like the Teasdales.

“Some people fear pursuing younger, first-time travellers means the BTA will forget about repeat visitors. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Mr Phillip-Fairn also praised Joanne and Jeff Ingerman from New Jersey, who first visited Bermuda on their honeymoon in 1979 and have returned about 40 times since.

The Ingermans, who are on the island for the third time this year, said: “We still love exploring Bermuda by scooter, as well as the beaches, shopping in Hamilton, Dockyard and St George’s, and all the great restaurants.”

Mr Phillip-Fairn added: “The Teasdales and the Ingermans are proof that the love for Bermuda remains strong in the hearts of so many, even after many decades.”

George and Carol Teasdale visited the island on their honeymoon in 1966 (Photograph supplied)
Pictured with the Ingermans (centre) are Ed Burns (left) and David Lambart (right) of Elbow Beach (Photograph supplied)