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Sisters pay tribute to talented musician

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Talented and kind: Conroy Smith, known to many as DJ Spyro, died from a rare cancer last month

A passionate musician and a loving brother. That is how sisters Romel Perinchief and Shaunelle Crockwell paid tribute to their dear sibling Conroy Smith who died last month at the age of 39 from a rare and terminal cancer.

Mr Smith, known to many as DJ Spyro and for his breakthrough hit Cutesy Cutesy that was shot in Bermuda, had been diagnosed with renal medullary carcinoma in December last year.

He passed away in England with his family by his side on August 4.

Ms Perinchief described her brother as a loving, kind man who had always had a passion for music since he was very young.

“In many ways all his dreams came true when the video Cutesy Cutesy came out and did so well,” she said.

“Our family will always be grateful to Ted Gosling who supported Conroy in getting that video out and believed in him to get started.

“Right until the end he would talk about his fans back in Bermuda, and he was desperate to come back to the island again to perform one last time.

“He had always loved music, especially reggae, right from when we were children. I’ll always remember him with a pair of headphones on and a big beaming smile.”

Mr Smith was born in Jamaica, but his family moved to Bermuda when he was five years old.

The eldest of three siblings, he grew up in Sandys and attended the Devon Lane School.

“Growing up he was always the good one,” said Ms Perinchief.

“My sister and I would get into mischief, but he always stayed clear of trouble.

“He loved singing and he loved to make up his own lyrics.

“He would perform at local venues and private parties. He never stopped with the music. It was always his driving force.”

In 2012 Mr Smith and his mother, Roma Crockwell, moved to Nottingham in England to join Ms Crockwell.

He had tried making inroads into the local music scene when he was diagnosed with cancer at the end of 2015.

Shaunelle Crockwell told The Royal Gazette: “I loved my brother dearly and spent every moment I could with him during his battle with cancer. If I ever missed a day without visiting him I felt uneasy and very saddened.

“When going to see him I would always tell him l loved him and he would always say I love you too sis. I represent him everyday by wearing a cremation pendant with some of his ashes in it. He will forever be in my heart.”

Ms Perinchief added: “I just remember him always smiling and being willing to help me if I ever needed anything at all.

“He was a very happy guy, he did not let things get him down. There was a lot of love in him.”

Loving brother: Conroy Smith with his two sisters, Romel Perinchief and Shaunelle Crockwell, during their childhood
Passionate musician: Conroy Smith