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BTA host filmmaking information session

An image from the 1977 film The Deep, set and filmed in Bermuda.

Bermuda Tourism Authority is hosting an education session to highlight the potential economic benefits of film production on the island.

And it is also setting up a film production registry to list local talent, equipment resources and small businesses that cater to filmmakers.

“The registry will educate film industry decision makers about the assets and services available to them should they choose Bermuda,” a BTA statement said.

Glenn Jones, BTA director of public and stakeholder relations, added: “We want stakeholders to understand the economic benefits of attracting film productions stretch beyond cameramen, grips and location scouts.

“The BTA is pursuing the film industry for the benefit of caterers, transport operators and hotel workers as much as it is for production companies. We’re confident that with new regulations and fresh thinking a great economic opportunity for the country will emerge.”

Production companies already listed on the gotobermuda.com website’s Filming in Bermuda section should also complete the new registry process to ensure the most up-to-date information is captured.

The BTA is a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International and recognised as the certified film commission for Bermuda, part of a fraternity of film commissions around the world who have credibility with entertainment industry officials.

The body has already formed an internal working group to devise strategies that will make Bermuda more attractive to filmmakers, television producers and video ad creators, and is sharing its findings with the Ministry of Tourism, Transport and Municipalities and other government agencies to determine areas of collaboration.

The information session is scheduled to take place on September 21 at the Berkeley Institute, and will feature presentations by Grant Gibbons, Minister of Economic Development, and Jamari Douglas, digital marketing manager for the BTA.

Those interested in registering to attend the information session can do so at goo.gl/Q04gYB, while those interested in joining the film production registry should do so before September 30 at goo.gl/V8HJAF.