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Regiment hosts Open House

Bermuda Regiment will welcome the general public to Warwick Camp tomorrow as it hosts an Open House.

Visitors will get the chance talk to soldiers about their roles and responsibilities and check out the kit and equipment used by different arms of the island’s defence force.

RBR Adjutant Captain Duncan Simons said: “The open house is a chance for the public to get some face time with our soldiers and to dispel any myths that they may have heard.”

Available to talk with the public will be serving soldiers and officers from specialities like the Band and Corps of Drums, Medics, Boat Troop, Motor Transport, Communications, the Operational Support Unit and Guns and Assault Pioneers.

Capt. Simons said: “Our soldiers are our best advertisement — but we want everyone to come and see us, not just people thinking about joining the Regiment.

“It’s about spreading the word, getting increased awareness of the Regiment and the range of valuable services we provide for Bermuda.

“We’re very open and ready to discuss what we do, especially in the context of Government wishing to pull back on conscription. The onus is on us to be as open as possible to maximise the number of volunteers we attract.

“If people have any misconceptions, this is a great opportunity for them to come in to see what we are really about.”

Information on pay, conditions of service and bonuses will also be available for potential recruits.

The open house starts at 2pm on Saturday and ends at 5pm.

A Regiment career offers recruits opportunities to travel, acquire skills useful in civilian life, test themselves to their limits and competitive rates of pay, as well as a $500 bounty for new volunteers. For more information, call 238-1045 or visit www.bermudaregiment.bm