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Dunkley congratulates Trump on victory

President-Elect Donald Trump received congratulations from Michael Dunkley

Michael Dunkley has extended his congratulations to President-Elect Donald Trump in a letter highlighting Bermuda’s longstanding friendship and historical ties with the US?.

The Premier noted that the presidential campaign was a “gruelling one, which evoked strong emotions”, and said he was encouraged by the President-Elect’s comments this morning of committing to work to bridge the divide in America.

Mr Dunkley also has written a letter of appreciation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, commending her for conducting a campaign of “integrity and civility”. He told her that her messages of unity, respect, equality, inclusiveness, hope and optimism were sentiments that resonated here in Bermuda.

Mr Dunkley thanked the Secretary of State for being a compassionate advocate for all of humanity, regardless of the colour of their skin, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or country of origin. He closed the letter by thanking the Secretary of State for her “distinguished service to the people of the United States”.