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Tyler’s plans for animated future

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Tyler Trott

Tyler Trott is working hard to hone his creative skills, in the hope of one day becoming an animator or video game designer.

The Berkeley Institute student draws or writes “every day” and specialises in the fantasy genre, listing The Legend of Zelda franchise as one of his major influences.

“English always interested me as a subject at school, and my teachers showed me how to write better and be more descriptive,” said Tyler, who is also a talented tennis player.

The 16-year-old is currently developing the story and concept art to a video game, which is set 150 years into the future and revolves around a young female heroine named Dawn.

“The world is trying to heal itself because of what the humans have done to it, and society now exists in small villages,” he said.

“Every living being’s shadow is now independent and bloodthirsty, but they can be attacked by light — so Dawn carries a torch and her weapon of choice is a bow and flaming arrows.”

The Hamilton parish resident is looking to follow in the footsteps of his artist uncle Kevin Trott, and plans on applying to American animation companies for an internship role to learn more about the industry.

He is also interested in accountancy as a potential career.

“I’m taking economic courses at Bermuda College,” he said. “I understand the subject and really enjoy it, so it feels like something I could do.”

After graduating, Tyler plans to study accounting at the Haas School of Business in Berkeley, California, and then head on to study at the Los Angeles branch of the New York Film Academy.

“If everything turns out well, hopefully one day I could be the head of my own animation company, on a level with DreamWorks or Pixar,” he said.

Tyler Trott