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Students raise $4,500 for hurricane victims

Helping others: Saltus Grammar School students and staff with, front row, centre, Marianne Herbert, of Feed My Lambs Ministry. (Photograph supplied)

Saltus Grammar School students have raised more than $4,500 for victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

They presented $4,529.86 to Feed My Lambs Ministry, a Bermudian charity that runs a school, orphanage and clinic in Montrouis, western Haiti.

“I was very impressed by their enthusiasm,” said Marianne Herbert, who runs the fundraising campaign in Bermuda for the academy’s feeding programme.

“It is lovely to see children helping other children who are not as fortunate as they are.

“The funds they raised have been used for a mobile medical team, which has managed to reach many hurricane victims in outlying areas and who desperately needed medical help.

“Because of the extreme flooding, cholera has become a major health hazard there. As I told some of the students — their funds have literally helped to save lives.”

Matthew struck the impoverished nation as a Category 4 hurricane on October 4, affecting 2.1 million people and leaving more than 800,000 in urgent need of food, according to international media reports.

Ms Herbert added: “Our leaders and senior orphans have been helping those who have lost everything in the community near to the orphanage. Our school for 700 students was used as an emergency shelter during the storm. The orphanage and school were built by Bermudians and are solid and stood up very well in the adverse conditions.

“Later, we will be showing the people how to rebuild their homes and providing them with some of the necessary material to do this.”

According to Ms Herbert, some Saltus students, along with students from other schools, have been helping to pack a container of emergency items, which has now left for Haiti.

They have also been helping her sell calendars to raise funds to feed the academy children.

“The children in Haiti often go for over 24 hours without food and many, whose families lost everything in the recent hurricane, are probably only receiving the food we are giving them at school,” she said.