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Floods hit roads and airport

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Flooding on Dundonald Street (Photograph by Petra Gysi)

Torrential rain wreaked havoc on the island’s roads yesterday with widespread flooding causing significant damage to the airport and making areas no-go zones.

The severe downpours caused ceilings to fall in and water to cascade through light fixtures at LF Wade International Airport prompting Michael Dunkley and Senator Michael Fahy to lament the condition of the terminal.

The Premier and the Minister of Transport, Tourism and Municipalities both took to social media, posting images and video footage of the damage, to highlight the need for a new airport.

“Our fellow dedicated Bermudians are working in less than ideal conditions every day to keep us open for business,” Mr Fahy told The Royal Gazette.

“The smell is one of severe damp in many areas. Imagine what you can’t see with the naked eye. I commend the men and women serving at the airport and all Bermudians should thank them for their service under such conditions. We need a new facility as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, Mr Dunkley also praised the work of airport staff, but said that the idea of upgrading the present facility was just like “putting a band aid on a cancer that we can’t cure”.

He added: “There is ongoing maintenance that takes place at the airport, but what the damage we witnessed today illustrates is that if we touch it up we still have a facility that will have challenges in tough weather.

“People need to know that it is quite unfortunate that the workers have to work in conditions like that; it is way, way over the top.

“We can build a new airport for the benefit of all Bermudians that will also benefit generations to come.”

Meanwhile, during the course of the morning, numerous roads became no-go areas due to flooding, with several cars spotted in difficulty in areas such as Palmetto Road and Woodlands Road in Hamilton.

The Bermuda Emissions Control testing centre at North Street was closed to prevent damage to customers’ vehicles. The Airport Waste Management Facility was also closed due to flooding.

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Flooding trapped this car in Woodlands Road this morning (Photograph by Kevin Smith)
Bikes in trouble on Dundonald Street (Photograph by Alex Furtado)