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Beaten Clinton writes to thank Premier

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote to Michael Dunkley to thank him for his letter and wish him well

Michael Dunkley has received a letter from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thanking him for his “thoughtful and heartfelt letter” in November.

The Premier wrote to Ms Clinton on the day Donald Trump was voted in as President Elect wishing her well and commending her campaign of integrity and civility.

In her letter to Mr Dunkley, Ms Clinton said: “I appreciate the generous words you shared for my candidacy and for my career in public service, and am grateful for your support and good wishes.

“While I am disappointed by the results of the election, I am proud of the campaign I ran and will never stop doing my part to build a better, stronger, and fairer future for my country and for our world. Thank you for your continued leadership. You have my best wishes for a bright and peaceful New Year.”

In his November 9 letter, the Premier wrote to Ms Clinton to share messages of unity, respect, equality, inclusiveness, hope and optimism saying that they were sentiments that resonated here in Bermuda. And while the election outcome for Ms Clinton was a “heartbreaking one”, Mr Dunkley thanked her for being a compassionate advocate for all people. He ended the letter by thanking her for her “distinguished service to the people of the United States”.