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Update on .bm service

Registrar General Aubrey Pennyman

Staff at the Registrar General’s office have been contacting registrants of expired .bm domain names and responding to clients whose services where interrupted on January 7.

Providing an update of the service, Registrar General, Mr Aubrey Pennyman, said today: “It should be noted that when the .bm service first started it was a free programme and many people registered domain names but have not kept them active or updated their contact details.

“Our staff has been working around-the-clock, contacting those clients with dormant or inactive domains to update their contact information and arrange payment.

“In addition, we have been in contact with all clients that were affected by the expiration last weekend. I am pleased to report that we have been able to get 95 per cent of the clients with an active domain name back online.

Mr Pennyman added: “Once our office was notified of the expired account, we have been working with both the system vendor and the Government Information Technology Office to resolve this matter. Any active domain names that had expired have now been renewed.

“However, going forward, the Department has arranged to receive reports of domain registrants that have not submitted their payment to ensure that they have created an account and updated their contact details. Once all domains are properly registered, it is expected that the automatic e-mail notifications will provide all domain registrants with adequate notice to submit their payments when required.

“We encourage clients to renew their domain and make payment of $65. If any domain registrant is still experiencing problems they can contact the Registrar General at 295-5151 ext: 1662 or send an e-mail to apennyman@gov.bm.”