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Ugandan children enjoy local club’s donation

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Some of the Uganda children who were sent Christmas gifts by Robin Hood football and netball players

Robin Hood footballers and netball players brought some Christmas cheer to children in the war-torn city of Gulu in Uganda by donating an array of gifts.

Operating with the charity Children of Hope, the Bermuda club gave footballs, footballs kits and sunglasses to the boys, and dresses, shoes, dolls and toiletry kits to the girls.

All were from a Gulu children’s home who have witnessed the carnage and killings caused by fighting between Lord’s Resistance Army and the Ugandan government.

“We wanted to help ensure that these children enjoyed a Merry Christmas,” said Robin Hood Football Club president Joel Duffy, the brother of Bermuda’s triathlon world champion Flora Duffy.

“Many of them have lost their families to Aids and war. If we can help to put a smile on there face, we are happy to do it.”

Children of Hope’s northern Ugandan residence is home to 16 children, boys and girls. The children are either orphans, or have parents that are unable to care for them.

The charity works to restore their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

“Many of the children have never experienced a traditional Christmas, and aren’t used to receiving presents,” continued Mr Duffy. “It feels great to know that Bermudian sports teams can make an impact all the way in Uganda.”

A Children of Hope spokesperson said: “We are deeply grateful to the Robin Hood football and netball teams. Their kind gifts resulted in a lot of very happy boys and girls. We would not have been able to give these gifts without your support.”