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House: Beach development ahead of schedule

The gate at the entrance of Horseshoe Bay where development is progressing (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Development at Horseshoe Bay is 21 per cent complete and ahead of schedule as of this week, according to Craig Cannonier, the Minister of Public Works.

Mr Cannonier gave an update on the project which has come under scrutiny due to the potential impact of construction as the holiday season gets under way. The MP told the House of Assembly work done so far included:

• gates and fencing have been erected;

• plants have been relocated from between the present parking lots;

• five feet of cliff has been excavated on the north side of the roadway;

• new precast kerbs have been placed along its southern side;

• asphalt and sidewalk has been removed at the bottom parking area;

• constructions of the seating wall beside pedestrian beach access has commenced;

• work is under way for viewing stations, with vegetation cleared for “astonishing” beach views.

The details came in response to questions from Progressive Labour Party MP Dennis Lister.

Last month, Rick Olson, the operator of Horseshoe Bay concession The Rum Bum Bar and Restaurant, voiced concerns that a major car park renovation would take until May to complete. He said it would threaten his business and visitor experience after his business opens in March.

The main access road to the beach was closed last month as a result of development work.

UPDATE; more details about work so far