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Mirrors Programme switches companies

Nandi Outerbridge

The Mirrors Programme, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, has switched from its founding personal development company Uncommon Results to Quantum Learning Network.

The details emerged in the House of Assembly as Nandi Outerbridge, the Minister of Social Development and Sport, delivered budget details for the coming fiscal year.

Uncommon Results has operated with the youth intervention programme since its inception early in 1997.

Mrs Outerbridge said that the switch to Quantum, an international organisation that offers “Supercamps”, would enable Mirrors to reach a greater number of young Bermudians at a lower cost.

She noted that Mirrors had been challenged by a lack of volunteers over the last three years, but said the Supercamp programme would require fewer volunteers.

The switch was made after September 2016, when it was seen that the volunteer base for the Uncommon Results technique had diminished to the point where the success of the programme was compromised.

The new programme “uses a team approach which requires less volunteers”, the minister said.

Its increased training budget would enable the programme to take on 150 students, the House heard, while the travel budget would get a boost of $12,000 in the coming fiscal year to enable five Mirrors staff to get trained by Quantum. The switch also resulted in a substantial decrease in the programme’s rental budget.

The ten-year anniversary will be celebrated by Mirrors from April to July.