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Gurret goes for gold at Chelsea Flower Show

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Blooming marvellous: local artist Nicky Gurret hopes to top her past achievements at Chelsea Flower Show

Local artist Nicky Gurret, a global veteran of flower shows, is soon to head back to the world’s ultimate event, where she aims to top her past achievements.

“I’ve got bronze, I have got silver, but I would love to get gold,” Ms Gurret said of the Chelsea Flower Show in May — to be her sixth.

The British are keen on their gardens, she noted, and the world takes notice: the Chelsea Flower Show bring 165,000 visitors over the course of a week.

Last time in London, Ms Gurret ended up seated at a thank-you lunch next to the head of tourism for Massachusetts, who was attending for the second year to highlight the state.

“It’s a demographic that I think would be interested in Bermuda, and the show would be good merchandising for the island,” said Ms Gurret, who seeks sponsorship, including potential tourism stakeholders.

Nor is she the only one. Another Bermuda entry is headed for Chelsea on May 23: British landscape artist Jack Dunckley told The Royal Gazette last month of his elaborate creation, intertwining the Bermuda Triangle with the island’s volcanic origins.

Similarly, Ms Gurret has pitched her idea to the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

“I love anything to do with art and design, and the flower is one of the most beautiful art forms there is — you don’t have to do much with it,” she said.

That said, meticulous planning goes into the all-night assembly of her creations, in which it is best to use Bermuda-signature vegetation sourced in Europe — plants don’t travel well.

Ms Gurret has taken five medals over ten years at Chelsea, where she will enter the floral-arranging section this year where only one sponsor’s name can be exhibited.

She’s also taken first place at National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies shows and exhibited at five World Association Flower Arranging shows, for which she will be heading to Barbados in June.

Her Bermuda entries at Chelsea include a Bermuda Honeymoon Garden and the Bermuda Double Fantasy Garden.

She is already planning another Bermuda garden for next year.

“I always say that flowers are there for the most important times in life, and they are the only things you give for all three,” she said — occasions of birth, death and marriage.

“For me, it’s just another form of creating art.”

Nicky Gurret and her piece for the World Association of Flower Arrangers show in Ireland (Photograph supplied)