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Regiment and police team up for training

Regiment soldiers line up at Prospect as they team up with police for training (Photograph supplied)

Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers joined forces with police officers at the weekend to boost their public order capabilities.

More than 40 soldiers and police officers spent two days honing skills regularly practised to ensure the two forces can work together well.

“This is something we have been doing for years and we continue to work together so everybody who does this type of work is speaking the same language,” Lieutenant Andrew Burnett-Herkes, from the RBR Operational Support Unit, said.

Course instructors included specialist public order police officers from the UK, to give advice and help adapt proven tactics for Bermuda use.

Lt Burnett-Herkes, 27, said the joint exercise, held at the Bermuda Police Service headquarters at Prospect in Devonshire, included crowd protection and escort, as well as crowd control and safety.

The assistant underwriter at an insurance company added: “All of this is very important, particularly with the America’s Cup coming up in the very near future, which will see very large crowds congregating in Dockyard.”

He added: “We did quite well and the police were fairly impressed with everything we brought to the exercise. A lot of it was a refresher of what we’ve done before — we’ve trained with the police and in their tactics before.”

A police spokesman said two experts from the UK’s College of Policing had flown to Bermuda to provide training in the key areas of tactics, command protocols and police liaison team training.

BPS Assistant Commissioner of Police Antoine Daniels added that, after speaking with RBR soldiers, BPS officers and the trainers, he regarded the training as “a resounding success which provides BPS officers with added skills in both planning and response when dealing with potential public disorder”. ?

RBR training officer Major Ben Beasley said: “The soldiers performed with enthusiasm throughout the weekend and should be proud of their hard work.

“The unit conducted their Special Constable training at the end of last year, and subsequently underwent public order training with BPS officers.

“During the America’s Cup window members of the OSU will be working alongside their BPS counterparts.”

Maj Beasley added: “Events like this weekend are not only essential for interoperability, but for building a bond between the services at every level.

“The troops are eager to be a visible part of the Island’s security. During May and June the Royal Bermuda Regiment will out in force on land and sea, providing security at the Event Village, as part of maritime security, and also out on shifts with the BPS.

“We are pleased with the soldiers’ commitment to their duties, but also grateful to their employers who support them during their service to the nation.”