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Watch the birdy: count reveals 93 species

The ruby-throated hummingbird (Photograph by Andrew Dobson)

The results have come in for Bermuda’s latest Christmas Bird Count: 8,640 total birds across 93 species — as always, with a few special guests.

The first spotting of an eider duck topped the highlights, with a ruby-throated hummingbird, snow goose and snow bunting also seen.

Another rarity was Swainson’s warbler.

The glossy ibis, a nomad that has gradually spread throughout the world, was seen in record numbers: nine were spotted during the week of the count — which was carried out on the three days either side of

December 17, 2016. The Bermuda Audubon Society’s 42nd count called upon a team of about 20 members to scour the island, also finding 19 species of wood warbler — including a record 57 northern parulas, a diminutive bird from eastern North America that heads south in the winter months.

More than half the birds spotted were invasive species: the European starling, great kiskadee, and house sparrow.

The findings from Bermuda’s citizen science are added to tally of the National Audubon Society in the United States, contributing to a continent wide study of birds that has been running for more than 100 years.

To read Bermuda’s results in detail, select the island under “current year” at the site http://netapp.audubon.org/cbcobservation/