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US Consulate to hold travel Facebook Q&A

The US Consulate will be launching its first Facebook Q&A session about travel to the United States.

The public will be able to ask about questions about passports, visas and waivers during the live chat on Tuesday.

“Consular staff will be on standby for one hour to answer any questions related to available consular services,” a statement said. “Questions should be brief, to allow officers to address as many participants as they can.

The public are encouraged to log on between 1pm and 2pm and to submit questions to the Consulate’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/usconshamilton.

Questions can also be submitted in advance, along with suggestions for future sessions, by sending a Facebook message or e-mailing hamiltonconsulate@state.gov with “Ask the Consul, Facebook” in the subject line.

The statement added: “This is another opportunity, outside of the ‘Ask the Consul’ radio segments, for the public to ask questions concerning issues involving travel to the United States, applying for waivers and scheduling appointments.”

• For more information on future sessions, visit the Consulate’s Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates.