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Sailor rescued after distress call

The pilot boat St David

Two sports fishing boats provided assistance following a mayday call was put out by the yacht Shoe Shine at 9am yesterday.

The lone sailor had reported his vessel was taking on water about ten miles southeast of St David’s Head.

Last Stall and Offshore Lady came to the rescue, along with the pilot boat St David, which was dispatched to the area with a dewatering pump.

Later Shoe Shine made its way to St George’s under tow.

“The lone sailor reported the vessel may have struck something five days earlier resulting in a gradual intake of water, now reportedly above the floorboards,” said a Bermuda Maritime Operation Centre spokesman.

Offshore Lady was the first vessel on scene as one crew member managed to board the sailing vessel and stem the intake of water.

“Following on-board repairs, Shoe Shine continued under sail towards Bermuda, escorted by St David, before a final tow into St George’s Harbour.

Last Stall and Offshore Lady were stood down and thanked for their assistance.”

Meanwhile, a few minutes later (9.18am), Bermuda Radio received a call from local ferry Bo Hengy II, reporting that the vessel had suffered steering failure in the vicinity of Elbow Buoy with 184 persons on-board, and was requesting a tow.

Crisson’s tug — operating in the vicinity — was dispatched to assist, taking Bo Hengy II under tow back to Dockyard.