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Snap-happy resident reunited with camera

Precious memories: Lyn Vaughan has her once lost camera returned (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

An island resident identified by a selfie discovered on a camera lost more than 3,000 miles away has been reunited with her misplaced property.

Scotsman Colin Grant turned detective after his mother-in-law Margaret Clark found the lost Nikon Coolpix at a bus stop near the historic Culloden battlefield in the Highlands last month.

He spotted a selfie and photographs of the America’s Cup sailing competition on the camera’s sim card and contacted The Royal Gazette in a bid to track down the owner.

Now Lyn Vaughan — who was still on vacation in Britain when the camera was found — was last Wednesday reunited with her camera after Mr Grant posted it to Bermuda.

Ms Vaughan said: “It had everything I took pictures of on my holiday and there were some pretty special items there.

“If I had lost it permanently I would have been sorry to have lost them — it was very, very good of Mr Grant to follow up on it.”

Ms Vaughan, 73, a retired staff member at the visitor centre in Paget’s Botanical Gardens, said she was at her son’s home in Wales when The Royal Gazette ran a story on the mystery selfie and readers queued up to confirm her identity and let her know. She added: “There were lots of Facebook messages, there were lots of e-mails.”

Ms Vaughan, from Paget, added that she also got a flood of offers from people who offered to reunite her with the missing camera.

She said: “There was even a Bermudian living in Inverness, near Balloch, who’s coming home for Christmas.

“A relative of the Scotland resident living in Bermuda offered to have them bring it home when they returned.”

Ms Vaughan said she was on a bus in Balloch when she realised she had left her camera behind.

She returned to where she got the bus to search the area, but had no luck.

Ms Vaughan said she went back the next day for a further search and reported the camera missing at the Culloden visitor centre, but never expected to see it again.

She added that she was lucky there was a picture of her on the camera because it was only the third self-portrait she had snapped.

Ms Vaughan said: “I am not a selfie girl.”