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Flight diverted after toddler falls ill

Virgin flight to Orlando was diverted

Passengers travelling to Florida found themselves in Bermuda for a day after a flight was diverted so a sick toddler could get urgent medical treatment.

According to Skyport, the Virgin Atlantic flight landed in Bermuda on Monday night with 429 passengers and 14 crew members after it was determined that an 18-month-old child needed immediate medical assistance.

A Skyport airport duty officer said: “The 18-month-old passenger was treated on board by a nurse before arriving in Bermuda.

“Once the aircraft landed, the child and his parents were taken off the flight and rushed to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment.”

The other passengers were taken to various hotels, where they spent the night, returning to the airport at 11am.

They were also offered a buffet lunch and snacks from Boulevard Café before their flight finally departed at 7.40pm on Tuesday night.