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Film about missing family now available

Lost: the ill-fated Star Tiger

A new documentary about a journalist searching for family lost on a flight to Bermuda nearly 70 years ago is now available online.

Bermuda Triangle: My Missing Family, directed by British reporter Matt Smith, covers his efforts to find out what happened to his grandparents who were passengers on the ill-fated Star Tiger.

The aircraft left Santa Maria in the Azores for Bermuda on January 29, 1948, but never landed on the island.

There was a five-day search for the plane, but no trace of the Star Tiger or its 31 passengers were found. The disappearance was one of many linked to the Bermuda Triangle — a body of water between Bermuda, Miami and Puerto Rico.

Mr Smith told The Royal Gazette: “I grew up knowing that my grandparents weren’t around. That they disappeared. We never knew, as a family, any more than that really.

“As a journalist who worked with the BBC and Sky, I wanted to find out a bit more about it. I wanted to dig around and get information.”

The documentary, filmed largely on the island, was aired by the Canadian Broadcasting Company. The film is now available on Vimeo On Demand, where it can be rented for $2.99.