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Central land title registry to be set up

Senator Jason Hayward. (Photo by Akil Simmons)

Legislation to enable the creation of a central land title registry and make it easier to access information on property ownership was passed in the Senate today.

Government senator Jason Hayward said of the Land Title Registration Amendment Act 2017: “This is huge, this is significant. This is momentous in Bermuda.”

Mr Hayward said the change to the law was “a significant shift from how we were operating to how we are going to operate” in “one of the few developed countries in the world without a system of land title registration.”

Mr Hayward added that the amendment would ensure proof of ownership and interests in land were held on one register.

He said: “In Bermuda there have been historic property disputes within families. This particular system will ensure that everybody is clear on who is entitled to what pieces of property.”

Public works minister David Burch had earlier told the House of Assembly that the registry was created by legislation passed in 2011 but had yet to be brought into operation.

Lieutenant-Colonel Burch said: “In a word, this legislation provides safety and security for those who own land in this country.”