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Mako shark Errol Finn followed to Bermuda

Marine route: the path taken by Errol Finn this week

A mako shark tagged by researchers in Cape Cod in Massachusetts last month made a visit to Bermuda this week.

The 200lb shark was tracked to close to the island’s South Shore.

The mako, named Errol Finn, surfaced southwest of Bermuda on Thursday morning and turned east.

Errol Finn, described as a 6ft 1in mature male, was tagged on November 1 by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and has been tracked since by marine research organisation Ocearch.

The shark moved away from the East Coast and turned south towards Bermuda just over two weeks ago.

Makos are considered the fastest shark and are capable of speeds of 68km/h or 42mph.

The species is a frequent visitors to the island and compete with fishermen for wahoo.

Errol Finn is not the first shark that Ocearch has tracked to Bermuda waters.

Lydia, a 2,000lb Great White shark was tracked to the island in 2013.

Her visit came just two months after Mary Lee, a 3,456lb Great White, came close to the island.