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Training for new bus will not cost more

Training bus drivers to operate the fleet’s latest addition will not cost extra money, a government representative said.

A spokesman for the transport ministry said that the “same familiarisation and training as is normally undertaken when a new bus is introduced” would be provided.

He added that it would happen at “no extra cost”.

The news came after it was confirmed that the new bus is longer than other vehicles in the fleet.

A media report this week suggested that the new bus was too big to safely operate on island roads.

The ministry spokesman said that the new bus was 5½ inches longer than older models on the island.

But he added: “All buses since 2005 are five inches wider than the Motor Car Act 1951 anticipated.”

The spokesman said the larger new bus was expected.

He explained: “We knew a larger engine was installed and that the bus would be a bit longer.”

The spokesman said the other new buses scheduled for delivery this year would be fitted with the same engine.

He said that the Transportation Control Department had discretion to licence the new bus “as it is” and that amendments to the Motor Car Act 1951 were needed.

The spokesman added: “Those amendments are being collated now.

“Amending the Act as it pertains to omnibuses and minibuses is part of the project.”

He said minor damage to the vehicle during shipping would need to be fixed before it went into service.

The spokesman said he expected the bus to be on the roads next month.

Bermuda Industrial Union officials met with bus operators and mechanics for nearly two hours to discuss overtime and bus route cancellations (Photograph by Akil Simmons)