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New website for Centre Against Abuse

The Centre Against Abuse has redesigned its website to include services for sex assault victims.

The charity, which also combats domestic abuse, is now seeking public views on the new site.

Laurie Shiell, executive director of CAA, said: “It is important that we have an online resource, as people can obtain information for themselves about their situation, or about a friends situation.

“It’s another avenue for conducting research on the topics.

“It provides a safe space to look up information in private.”

Ms Shiell added: “One of the roles of CAA is to be the premier resource for awareness on the topics of domestic abuse and sexual assault, and our website assists us with our goal and assist the community with information at their fingertips at any hour.”

Ms Shiell said it also aimed to teach people about “what love looks like” so that people could learn “to love themselves first” and help them out of abusive relationships.

She added: “If we learn early to love ourselves first, and to learn what is acceptable for us, and what is not acceptable from others because it undermines our self-love, then we will be empowered to remove ourselves more readily from unhealthy and abusive situations.”

She explained that the website was redesigned because the charity now provided services for sex assault victims.

Ms Shiell added: “We wanted a website that was inclusive of both the domestic abuse awareness and the sexual assault awareness.

“We also wanted the site to be visually inviting, so that people would be drawn upon first sight to look at more of the information that we have used.

“We also highlight our second-hand store, Dress For Success, on our site under services that we provide.”

Ms Shiell said the site, formatted for use on tablets and mobile phones, also included a panic button.

She added that this was a safety feature that allowed users to leave the site fast so that others, like an abuser, could not see what they were looking at.

The charity’s logo has also been redesigned with purple, the world-recognised colour for domestic abuse and teal for sexual assault.

People can visit the site at www.centreagainstabuse.bm and post their views on Centre Against Abuse’s https://www.facebook.com/Centre-Against-Abuse-CAA-200111301769/.